Have you ever heard of a Buyers Club for Supplements? If you private label you own products and are used to the hassle and poor customer service many labs offer then this is something you will want to know about!

What is a Buyers Club?

A Buyers Club for Supplements is essentially a 3rd party that works between you and the laboratory of your choosing. It’s a unique middle man with a rather unintuitive side effect. This middle man does not raise your prices, it lowers them. They also provide one more important benefit. Customer service. What more could you ask for right? Lower prices, better customer service and help on orders. To paraphrase some terrible infomercial out there, but wait there’s more! Yes, if that was not enough to impress you, this final part will be music to the ears of many. A good buyers club can help you lower your M.O.Q. ( Minimum Order Quantity ) Sound good? Here are the details:


How Can a Buyers Club for Supplements Lower Your Pricing?

Simple. Via economy of scale. You alone don’t have huge purchasing power with some big lab. What happens though if your order is part of 20 other orders? While your order may be $8K, your order when placed with others can be be a combined 500K. That type of purchase puts pressure on the lab to:

  • Give all buyers on the order the absolute best pricing
  • Provide the best service possible
  • Deliver on time and as promised

How Can a Buyers Club for Supplements Improve Customer Service?

The same way as it does with the pricing. Large orders from one source ( the buyers club ) force the labs to deal with one organization on a daily basis, developing a stronger relationship with the club and giving the club more leverage, face time and a better relationship with the lab. Think of the club as the missing customer service department for the lab. If you have any questions on an order, delivery or anything else, all you have to do is call the Club and not the Lab. Considering that the prices through the club are less or the same as the lab, this alone is reason to give a service like this a try.

How Can a Buyers Club Lower My MOQ?

If you a producing something similar to another club member, the club can anonymously link you and other members orders together  and produce both products from one order. Lets say you have a 40 Billion CFU probiotic and want only 500 units. If another customer also has a similar formula and wants 1000 units and the lab has a MOQ of 1500 units, by combining the orders you just got an MOQ of 500 from a lab with an MOQ of 1500! In other cases with unique formulas, if the club has enough leverage and sales with the lab, the lab may just drop the MOQ to please the club, again if they are getting 500K in sales from the club each month or week, it now behooves them to provide the services and products the clubs members need. Something a single private labeler just can’t do on their own.


Where Can I Find a Buyers Club for Supplements?

Right now, in the Supplement Industry there is really only one game in town. NutraLink Usa. NutraLink has helped many of my clients save massive amounts on orders and provided them with white glove customer service unlike anything they have ever gotten from the labs. Feel free to visit their site, drop them a line and find out how they can help you! If any more buyers clubs start popping up we will be sure to let you know! Also check out MMLABS, While strictly speaking not a buyers club, Dr Hendricks may be able to help provide an alternative solution as MMLABS is also a lab middle man of sorts. If you found this helpful please support us by buying from our Amazon affiliate links below!