The Term Content Marketing may or may not be something new to you. In either case, you probably visit content marketing websites on a daily basis. Every time you go to a website that contains information of almost any kind, you are probably on a site that uses its content (stories / articles) to market itself. Content Marketing can be integrated into practically any business. In terms of health and supplements businesses, it’s a breeze, since people are always looking for information on how to treat their health problems.

The foundation of content marketing is using your free information as a link to introduce your brand or product to potential customers. New and existing customers search for information online via search engines, and after being directed to your website’s content, they are exposed to your products via subtle means such as ads or links.

A common objection or concern people have about content marketing is that you are giving away something for free with little return in value.
While it is true the majority of people who read your content will not go on to make purchases on your website, some of them will. Those who do not however will still have a brand impression registered somewhere in their mind. If your website is well designed and your logo is visible on your article pages, you have at least left a positive impression of your brand or product. That certainly is not a loss.


Re-Marketing Campaigns

Those people who have visited your site and not converted into customers can then be re-targeted via re-marketing campaigns using ad services like Google and Facebook. Since they have already received brand exposure, the facts show that they will be much more likely to make a purchase after being exposed to your logo, information and content marketing. Re-marketing basically means showing your product or service to people who have already been exposed to it before. While it can sound difficult or intimidating, setting up re-marketing campaigns are easy to do on Google, and even easier via Facebook.


SEO (search engine optimization) is the art of making your content searchable by google. Your site’s content is the cornerstone of your SEO. If you create good content that answers peoples questions, questions that are relevant to your products, your content will serve well not only as marketing material but as optimized SEO content also.