No, I don’t have a course I am trying to sell you. There are no new products you need to buy either, no gimmicks and no special training. Want one simple strategy to boost sales on Amazon?

The answer is simple. To boost sales on Amazon simply translate your products to Spanish. With over 40 Million Native Spanish speakers in the USA, it can be a massive boost to your reach in one easy step. If your designers have all your brand images in Photoshop or Illustrator, making the new images is a simple process of just replacing the text in the images. You can easily set aside a small portion of your next order to have Spanish labels placed on your products. Sites like Fiver offer dirt cheap translation services making the process affordable and easy.


One thing to keep in mind is on the products themselves, you probably don’t want to change the name or the branding. Since Amazon wants to see some difference in the English product and the Spanish, changing your supplement facts to Spanish is all that is really needed. Once you have some product with some Spanish on the label, you can now upload it to Amazon as a new product with a new ASIN. That means targeted keywords in Spanish and for many a whole new market with less competition for page one position for each keyword you want to rank for!

You will of course need to be able to respond to questions in Spanish from time to time, and make some small adjustments. Supplement.Services offers complete management solutions for both English and Spanish accounts as well as translation of all keywords, text, graphics, etc.

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